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Hey there, Cape Coral! Looking for that perfect office space to bring your business to life? Look no further than Coral Breeze Cleaning! Our wide range of office space listings in Cape Coral, FL has got you covered, whether you need a cozy 100-200 square feet spot or a larger 400 square feet commercial real estate option. And don’t worry, our interactive map and frequently asked questions will guide you through the process, stress-free!

We’ve got space for lease, ideal for businesses and entrepreneurs in search of office spaces for rent in Cape Coral. Plus, our affordable monthly rates will make your wallet smile. So let’s ditch the formalities and get you into the office space of your dreams! With Coral Breeze Cleaning by your side, you’ll be impressing clients and investors in no time. Let’s make your business shine, Cape Coral-style!

Coral Breeze Executive Offices

Perks of Our Office Space


Central Location

Our office spaces are smack dab in the middle of downtown – perfect for being a total boss and rubbing elbows with thousands of local businesses and residents. And, of course, you gotta say hi to Big John, aka the Cape Coral legend. Bottom line: Coral Breeze has got the perfect office space for you, so let’s make your biz dreams come alive!



Hey there, Cape Coral crew! Check out our executive suites – they’re affordable, cozy, and packed with all the juicy perks to make your biz life a breeze. Plus, FREE utilities included! No snoozefest here – just fun, relatable, and totally stress-free vibes. Let Coral Breeze take care of your biz, and we promise to keep it funky and fresh.


Shared Office Space

We’ve got you covered with our executive suites – and that’s not all! Rent includes access to conference rooms, shared facilities, and a bunch of other sweet perks. No need to book in advance, just grab what you need and get down to business. Plus, we’ve got awesome neighbors in the building. We cant wait to see you in your new office!


Access & Customization

With our executive suites, you get 24/7 access – no more being bound by those boring 9-to-5 hours. Need to meet clients or burn that midnight oil? Our doors are open whenever you need ’em. And guess what? We want your office space to reflect your style, so go ahead and customize it however you want. It’s like a workspace makeover without the drama. 


Phone Call Services

When you rent our awesome office space in Cape Coral, we’ll set you up with a sweet phone number – either toll-free or local. You can direct it to your preferred platform during biz hours, and to a call menu after hours. With Cape Coral Breeze, you’ll never miss a call or opportunity. Come rent our office space and let’s get you ringing in the sales!


Marketing Services

 Need a little boost to get your biz off the ground?  We’ve teamed up with the top dogs in online marketing to give your business the rocket fuel it needs. From online marketing to advertising, we’ve got you covered. So, don’t be shy! Chat it up with our friendly rep to dive deeper into our marketing services. Let’s rock this online world together!

Coral Breeze Executive Offices

Meet Our Office Management Team

Joe Delfgauw

Joe Delfgauw


Jordan Vogel

Jordan Vogel

Marketing and Web Developer

We’re here for you. Call us at (239)-544-4739 or stop in to our offices to learn more about Coral Breeze!

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Hear From Our Clients

Steve Jensen

Freelance Photographer from Grand Rapids, Michigan 

I needed an office space temporarily to meet with some clients in Cape Coral about photography and videography work. The Coral Breeze staff got right back with me, got my agreement signed, and I got into my space the same day! It was extremely convenient for my clients to meet with me as they are not kidding, this place is in the very heart of town. I would absolutely rent this space again.
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