What You Need To Know About Shared Office Space

Aug 27, 2021CBEO Cape Coral

Shared office spaces are more popular now than ever. Also known as “coworking spaces”, this type of office may be the perfect fit for you… but it might not be. Let’s take a look at these pros and cons to find out what fits your needs.

What Exactly Is Shared Office Space?

It’s a large office space that doesn’t belong to any single business. Instead, the space is set up to allow for many different individuals to use it,  sharing it with others.

For many of these locations, users typically pay a monthly fee to gain access to the workspace overall. There are various work surfaces, seats, and desks that are most often in a common area, typically open to whoever gets there first. Many have a shared kitchen, and there are often private offices and conference rooms available for a premium fee.

Whether it’s the right fit for you and your business is largely a matter of preference and personality and varies greatly from person to person. We’ll show you some of the biggest pros and cons so you make the choice for yourself.


The Price – For many freelancers and professionals, the price of a traditional office doesn’t make sense financially. Coworking spaces are often month-to-month, all-inclusive (in terms of utilities and other basic amenities), and far less expensive than other options.

An Atmosphere for Work – For some, working from home or a coffee shop isn’t an atmosphere where they can be productive. A dedicated workspace provides them with the “feel” they need to actually get work done. It can also be a great way to separate home from work more clearly by “arriving at” and “leaving” the “office.”

No Upkeep – You get to show up and work. You don’t have to worry about any of the minutiae of setting up an office and keeping it in good shape (beyond basic courtesy). Skip putting together office chairs and moving heavy desks– just walk in, find a seat, and start working. These spaces often have great upkeep by their owners and good quality furniture that they replace and repair when needed.

Other People – For some, the sense of collaboration, camaraderie, and community that comes with being around co-workers is something they crave. Since most shared spaces are membership-based, you’ll often see the same people day in and day out, and can form working bonds with one another.


Less Privacy – Unless you’re paying for a shared office that has its own door, what you do in the space is going to be observed by everyone else within the space. Any phone calls you have or anything up on your screen will likely be seen and heard by others. (This gets even trickier if you handle any sensitive information.)

It’s Everyone’s –  Since you do share the space, you’re going to have to cope with the logistics of everyone essentially having equal ownership and rights to the space. Unless you pay a premium for upgraded amenities, everything in the space is fully shared. Equal say and lack of ownership can cause friction if people within the group have different preferences.

A Commute – Some of the nicer coworking locations can be in areas that aren’t closeby, and require a longer-than-desired commute. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, if you dread your trip to and from work each day it can affect productivity and other aspects of your personal and professional life.

Distractions –  Every person in the space will be working, and all of the sights and sounds that come along with that can be distracting. From loud phone calls to pacing or even music being played, there will be things outside of your control that can easily distract you. Additionally, many shared spaces host networking events, have open houses and give tours to potential customers regularly: all of which can be distractions.

What’s Right For You?

Is shared office space right for you? The best answer is that you should try it and find out. The cost and commitment are low enough to give it a fair shake for a month or so and see how it suits your personality and work style.

Most shared offices make it simple and straightforward to get a membership, and it’s commonly paid month-to-month with no long-term contracts. Try a new workplace today… it could be just the change you need.

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