Need more details about our executive offices?

Below, you will find some of the questions that our prospective and current tenants have asked us. If you don’t see something you’d like, give us a message and we can add that in for you!

What is an executive office/suite?

Executive suites are, by definition, a group or collection of shared offices used by executives for workspace. They offer an affordable, practical solution to giving your business a physical location and a professional setting to meet with clients or investors.

What are some benefits of an executive suite?

Executive suites are very beneficial to smaller business owners and entrepeneurs who do not have a physical location or do not have enough room at their current location. They give you the ability to meet investors and clients in a professional setting, list your business online in business directories, and our suites also give you the advantage of having a phone and walk-in receptionist during business hours. All of this while still thousands of dollars less per month than the average office building. 

How much does it cost?

While we have shared executive workstations and shared virtual offices starting for as little as  $199/month, we also offer suites for $599/month when signing yearly, and $799/month when signing month-to-month. In addition, we also offer a realty service package that includes fresh homebuyer, home seller, and new home construction leads for $1499/month, effectively automating your real estate business. 

How big are your offices?

Our executive suites are all above 100 square feet, with some units exceeding those dimensions. For exact size specifications, schedule a meeting or walkthrough or check out our suites in the gallery!

Do I have to sign a lease in order to do my work here?

Absolutely not! In addition to our personal executive suites, Coral Breeze offers virtual offices and shared workspaces starting at $199/month, allowing you to utilize the ammenities of our offices at a beyond affordable rate. 

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